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Physiology is the study of the biological processes that support life. Our department examines the interaction between factors that determine health and disease at the cellular, tissue, and whole-organism levels.In many ways, physiology expertise underpins possibilities for breakthroughs in specialized areas of study such as cell biology, cardiology, psychiatry...the list goes on. We pride ourselves on engaging in meaningful collaborations with other disciplines and enabling clinical applications of scientific discoveries.It is the department's goal to foster excellence in our learners, faculty, and staff alike. We provide outstanding opportunities for academic and research training at the undergraduate levels. Our department is grateful to have the opportunity to work and study on this field.

The Department of Physiology at Dhaka National Medical College was established in 1994. Physiology is a branch of medicine that deals with study of functions of human body and the regulation of different system. The goal of teaching undergraduate students Medical Physiology is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the integrated functions of the organ systems, which in turn helps understanding the basis of health and disease. With respect to the knowledge domain, students get equipped with the knowledge of the coordinated body function, the relative contribution of each organ system to the maintenance of the milieu interior, aspects of normal growth and development, physiological responses and adaptations to environmental conditions, the knowledge of the physiological principles underlying pathogenesis as well as treatment of disease. With respect to skills domain, the student becomes able to conduct experiments, designed for study of physiological phenomena and interpret experimental/investigative data, distinguish between normal and abnormal data, derived as a result of tests, which he/she performs and observes in the laboratory. Department of physiology is responsible for teaching the MBBS Students during 1st one & half Year in three terms of MBBS course. Total allocation of teaching hours for the MBBS students for each course in 340 hours of those, 120 hours are for lectures, 120 hours for tutorial and 100 hours for practical. Additional 30hours is allocated for integrated teaching.

Key features

  • Demonstrate the normal functions of human body & apply it as a background for clinical subjects.
  • Explain the normal reactions to environment & homeostatic mechanisms, basis of genetic behavior activities and explain of normal reproductive process.
  • Interpret normal functions with a view to differentiate from abnormal function.
  • Develop knowledge & skill performance & Physiological experiments interpretation.
  • Well-equipped labs, lecture halls and demonstration rooms
  • Well qualified faculty and technical staff.

 Core Competencies

  • High standard of teaching and evaluation
  • Innovative methods of teaching.


Prof. Dr. Jalal Uddin Chowdhury
M.B.B.S(DU), Ph.D (Japan)
Professor & Head of Physiology
Physiology Department


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