Accommodation Facility

Total 229 rooms & 365 seats in boy’s hostel & 93 rooms & 282 seats in girl’s hostel. Name of the boys hostel: Hazi Selim building, Hazi Masum building, Idris Ali building, Sajjad H. Titu building & Sheikh Russel International Hostel and Name of the girls hostel: Abu Khayer building & College building.

Dining Facility

Total 100 students for boy’s hostel and 35 students for girl’s hostel can take their meals at a time in dining room. TV facilities are available at dining room for girl’s hostel. Water purifires are present there for pure drinking water at dining room for boys and girls hostel. Meals are cooked by male/female cook according to the student’s choice for boys and girls hostel.

Recreation Facility

TV facilities are available for boy’s hostel. Arrangements for playing Carrom board in boys hostel.

Prayer Room

Arrangements for prayers in boy’s hostel.


About Dhaka National Medical College Hostel

Dhaka National Medical College is a renowned Medical college situated in old Dhaka city. The college has well furnished hostels for both male and female students. The hostels are under the coverate of CCTV and security all the time. The entrance and exit of the students in the hostel are maintained by Registrar Khata. All types of facilities for the students are available in the hostels.

Ladies Hostel Room.

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